Sublime End


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released September 17, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Lylo Studios by the own members of the band.
Gravado, mixado e masterizado no estúdio Lylo pelos próprios membros da banda.
Pablo Wilard - Bs/Vc
Fábio Lyra - Gtr/Vc
Rodrigo Lacerda - Gtr/Vc
Damien Murch - Dr



all rights reserved


SEDNA Maceió, Brazil


2010 - 20...

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Track Name: Storm At The Gates
Feel, decide, caress me, youth
We can't find the flow back to the start

Storm at the gates of yourself
Warn me in time, lie into thy hands

I'm the body maker

Depart from me, you cursed
Into everlasting fire
Track Name: Phasya 8
Undercover ire akin
A dire breeder or grim
Never becoming 18
Don't worship

Down, down, down
It's like you're sinking

Leaded by the options, baby
What there is to choose?
Nothing is too close

Harm me not for I am god
Before creating heaven
Track Name: Failing At Life
To bind my traits
To feel like my own
Not having to give anything
I will live for a desire unknown
With a certain shame

You won't come and I've been waiting too long
Since the beginning
You won't come and I've been waiting too long
Still unforgiven

The guidance failed
The dream was enough to make me wanna go on
I tried my best, never made a progress
I accept, I failed
Track Name: Empathy
I'd like to care
Not paying back
Being aware
It isn't fair

We are together now in this
There's no denial
Can't keep myself
Idle or quiet

I'm leaving this place
In a selfless cleansing
Leaving this place
I'll be trying in between

You cannot stop the fall
If you're already in the air
There is no turning back
We'll go down to the earth

There is no blame if nothing's done
There is no pain if nothing's wrong
Track Name: Our Damnable Need To Speak
Silence breeds unamed monsters
Empty in his pride

Affection's not deserved now and
Scissors you create on your own
Learning to forgive

Hades of my soul

'Till you have to be there
You oughtta be aware
But you wanna be the same old part
Throughout the time

I don't need your words against myself
I promise to let my legacy in good hands
I don't need to feel like a parasite
Why do I need someone to be mine?
Track Name: Of Wounded Prides Or Fallen Hopes
You, fallen enemy
Cold and pale down in the floor
Sweating tears in agony
Ready to bathe in your own blood

Time is over

Heal inside, now and then
Lying no more to myself

My mind is all I hear
I'm a servant of my thoughts
Your pride is underneath
You're a slave without a lord

Heal inside, now and then
Lying no more to myself
Anger aside for a change
Bending no words never said
Track Name: Charger
When the promise is dying
When the hours are flying
When you have no ambition
When you got no permission

Can I free my own mind
From the reason or pride
Give a meaning to my life
From the whipping of time?

Is it nothing yet?

Was that a promise to die now?
Track Name: Worm After Wisdom
To hide and to pretend
To think you comprehend...

You were born without a reason
You came down as a gruesome plague
Clueless worm after wisdom
So many got shot to prove your faith

Tomorrow I'll get this

And below too many fall to get this
Left to mold and rot alone

Deny it while you can
Just keep it to yourself...
Track Name: Slick
Welcome, my disorder
Nuisance, I am waiting

Suffering's nothing unusual now
If I stay outside I'll corrode

Longer than required
Duty not desired

Suffering's nothing abusive now
And I'll stay inside of my own
Leave me sick on my own serenity
My sanity lies into these rules
Track Name: Overcoming The Worthless
We were coming too slow
Together we'll die
Fighting shame
Never said that it will be easy
But we'll try

No one stayed outside to know
Then afterwards denied their role
I just live and still forgive

Wasting nothing but
Never swaying into a lifting mood
A promise kills tomorrow
Expectations left me cold
For my sublime end

My self loathing
I will
Track Name: Fall From Grace
Hence before
It's a life we have to spend
Fading times
Takes a while to realize

Faintness, tipsy hollow heads
Confidence without cadence
Freedom as another fence

Everything you had to see and
All the things you had to give
Liner notes to embrace

Narrowed the utility
Looking to ease the agony
Never meant to wake again

Fearless feelings coming slow
Setting the mood for you to go
While you wait to be erased

Oh, man
I fall from grace