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released November 5, 2013



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SEDNA Maceió, Brazil


2010 - 20...

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Track Name: What Once We Were
All of my deeds
Led to naught
Yet I wont give up
What the fuck am I
Doing with my life?

It's everflowing inside my head

I am systematically
Deceiving everyone I know
They had such high hopes
We could pass for
Less than a mistake

I'm resorting to what once you were
Thinking patterns ought to drive us mad

Tomorrow I'll get this done
There is no need to waste it
My first sign that I needed it to grow
What once we were
Track Name: Streets Of Macerot City
Hours hit me like the sand
In the streets of Macerot City I wane
Time erases all that I am
In the streets of Macerot City again

You were born in hell
Set to kill yourself
Here you'll lose your soul
Slowly getting old

Never made a choice
God won't hear your voice
As you die inside
Days are passing by

None will make it far

If only you could bother

Never realize, give me guilt
Only for tomorrow
Pull the trigger, blood is only a stain

All my plans have come to an end
Through the streets of Macerot City they went
Bearing more than I could ever stand
And for all of that shit this city I blame

Call me after dark
This sun will always bother
Call me after dark
In the beginning, it was just the same

Bonds are bigger than the man that I am
Pull the trigger, blood is only a stain

Welcome to life, my brother

We'll come to haunt you harder
Track Name: Benediction Floods
Cursed by the days and
Dreadful as it seems
I'm still with you

Needless to say but
Not to understand
I'm still in you

I'm reaching as to fake again
A sympathy constrained
Bound to a refuse

Destination tenderness
Light the sun on me
Open handed misery
Held against to be
Track Name: Into The Depths
All the reasons why it took you so long
Higher treasons never meant to do wrong
We're not forsaken while we try to live on
Bound and forgotten, I will never be gone

You chose to be grieving
Changed all I believed in

Time after time, prolonged abuse
Time after time
Track Name: Ape Times
Wake up fake brother,
He is not the other

I took him for another

I ain't got no one to save me,
I don't know where you come from

I ain't got no one
So I can't lose

It held my needs like a tomb
Starts to bother
Never really going through
Track Name: Falsehood
It's amazing 'cause you know what you're gonna get
It's the same routine never leading us anywhere

What have you done?

If I can not get high
I will have to walk away
Nothing matters, just the fact
Seed clouded all my head

What's the matter, what's the matter
What's the matter with me?